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Product of the Month – Ant Killer Sachets
We’ve had a number of customers come to our information desk recently with ants in their pants – well those that have been sitting on their lawns recently! We’ve noticed a huge rise in the number of ants’ nests with many setting up home in our lawns. Our garden doctor advises the following. If you’ve got unwanted residents in your lawn or patio then we recommend Nippon Ant Killer sachets. They are very easy to use. Just dissolve each sachet in a watering can and apply to the infested area at the rate of 1 litre 2.5 square metres. Each sachet will make 5 litres. Contains cypermethrin. If you have ants coming into the home then we recommend Ant Stop. Spray around doors and windows and areas where ants have been seen. Ant stop kills ants fast and stops them coming back. Contains deltamethrin. Use pesticides safely, read the label.

Product of the Month – Ant Killer Sachets

Wadelows Update
The Spring and Summer has been a busy time in Wadelows Nature Reserve at the back of the garden centre. Four kestrel chicks successfully survived the wet spring and fledged about 8 weeks ago. Two barn owls have successfully raised three chicks. All young birds have been ringed and recorded by a licensed expert. The picture shows the eldest being recorded. The parents have been working hard to feed their young and there was even a stash of field mice ready for their next feed. Poplars are delighted to help with the preservation of wildlife by providing nesting boxes in the area. (This photo was taken under the licence of the registered ringer.)

Wadelows Update

Happy 1st Birthday to the Car Buying Shop
Last month The Car Buying Shop celebrated their first year of buying cars at Poplars. Owned and run by local brothers Leon and Calvin Fehr the business has gone from strength to strength. Leon said "We are so grateful for the support we get from our customers and the staff at Poplars. Like Poplars we are a family run business and we want to build long term relationships with our customers so they recommend us to their family and friends. We know that selling a car can sometimes be frustrating and we are here to take the hassle out of the whole process. I think what appeals to our customers is our transparency. The price we agree is the price you get, we don’t charge administration fees, bank transfer fees or any other hidden charges.” The Car Buying Shop can be contacted at for further information.

Happy 1st Birthday to the Car Buying Shop

Hot Tub Hire from Bedfordshire Hot Tubs Limited
Apart from selling Jacuzzis, Bedfordshire Hot Tubs now supply quality Rental tubs on a weekly hire basis. These are ideal for Birthday Parties, Special Events or just to make a relaxing weekend at home extra special. Our aim is to ensure you have a great, memorable hot tub experience and that you will tell others about us. Our 5 or 6 person Hot Tubs are delivered and set up on a Thursday at your home. That way they are then ready for you to enjoy the whole weekend until we come and collect them on the following Tuesday. Everything is taken care of from the start. We supply your chemicals and filters so all you need to do is just sit back and relax. Cost for the first week is £249 including delivery, chemicals, filters and set up, with extra weeks at discounted rates. If you would like further information, then pop down the stairs to see us at Poplars Garden Centre next time you are in, or please give us a call on 01525 875599 or email us at

Hot Tub Hire from Bedfordshire Hot Tubs Limited

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