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July 2015 NEWS.

Plant of the Month: Salvia
A member of the sage family of both annuals and herbaceous perennials. Salvia delivers colour, fragrance and brings wildlife to any garden. It is free flowering, making a great colourful display in borders during July until frost during which time it is good at attracting butterflies and bees, great pollinators. Comes in various shades of colour – red, cream, purple and pink. Salvias are sun-loving plants that need well-drained soil. Some varieties, such as culinary sage, are edible to humans as well and are used in foods such as stuffing and to add flavour to dishes.

Plant of the Month: Salvia

Product of the Month – Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes
We love our BBQ’s at Poplars and many of the team members swap recipe ideas such as beer can chicken (search for it online if you’ve not heard of it before.) General Manager Alastair loves to use Harissa paste on his kebabs and swears they are the best whilst our MD David is convinced his garlic and rosemary roast lamb is unbeatable. One thing the team do agree on is that cooking on charcoal gives the best flavour and Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes are the ones to use. Heat beads burn hotter and for longer. In a kettle BBQ heat beads can burn twice as long as conventional charcoal briquettes. So there is no need to refuel when cooking large joints of meat such as David’s roast lamb. Conventional briquettes also lose their heat much faster. When cooking Alastair’s Chicken Kebabs on an open grill, conventional briquettes will have dropped below 200 degrees Celsius after around 10 minutes and be spent in a little over half an hour. Heat beads will still be burning at this temperature after 45 minutes and will burn for up to an hour and a half. The Australians, who know a thing or two about BBQ’s, have made Heat Beads their number 1 brand.

Product of the Month – Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes

Garden Job of the Month – Feeding
Pots, containers and baskets are a must for most gardens and because plants are growing in a restricted position they need a little help from us to provide food and water so they can create a stunning show of colour. So here are some tips on feeding and watering containers and baskets to help produce a fabulous show. Freshly planted containers will need feeding six weeks after planting and again every 7-14 days. Established containers should be fed every 7-14 days through the growing season. You should continue to feed regularly until flowering has finished. The best time to feed and water is in the evening when it’s cooler. Don’t be tempted to over feed by adding a little extra for luck. This will actually have an adverse effects on your plants. Always follow the instructions on the packet of your favourite fertiliser and if mixing or diluting stick strictly to the recommended concentrations. Daily watering is recommended as pots, containers and baskets will drain easily and quickly. On very hot days watering twice daily may be required.

Garden Job of the Month – Feeding

The Car Buying Shop
We are delighted to welcome the Car Buying Shop to Poplars. You can now sell your car quickly and conveniently. Located in the yellow cabin in our main car park is "The Car Buying Shop." It really is a very quick and easy way to sell your car. You simply park your car anywhere in the car park, pop in to their yellow office where they will give you a "free" no obligation valuation on your car. The team work really hard to beat any genuine valuation and you can often get more for your car than simply trading it in. If you’re happy with the price offered and want to go ahead with the sale, they’ll simply transfer the funds (at no cost to you) there and then, straight into your bank account. If you need a lift home they’ll do that as well, provided you live locally of course! You can also get a free valuation online at or call them on 01525 303908. Why not get a free, no obligation, valuation for your car next time you shop at Poplars.

The Car Buying Shop

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