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  • Free car park
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Product of the Month – Ant Killer Sachets
We’ve had a number of customers come to our information desk recently with ants in their pants – well those that have been sitting on their lawns recently! We’ve noticed a huge rise in the number of ants’ nests with many setting up home in our lawns. Our garden doctor advises the following. If you’ve got unwanted residents in your lawn or patio then we recommend Nippon Ant Killer sachets. They are very easy to use. Just dissolve each sachet in a watering can and apply to the infested area at the rate of 1 litre 2.5 square Meters. Each sachet will make 5 litres. Contains cypermethrin. If you have ants coming into the home then we recommend Ant Stop. Spray around doors and windows and areas where ants have been seen. Ant stop kills ants fast and stops them coming back. Contains deltamethrin. Use pesticides safely, read the label.

Product of the Month – Ant Killer Sachets

A Little bit of Hollywood comes to Poplars
They’ll be no soggy bottoms this July at Poplars with the arrival of our new range of Paul Hollywood baking equipment and accessories. This top quality range of products have been tried, tested and loved by the man himself. If you are serious about your baking then this range is for you. Each item comes with one of Paul’s legendary recipes to really put the icing on the cake. You can find out more by visiting where you can view the full range of bakery equipment. You can also get more of Paul’s recipes – including Wimbledon muffins, Pork pies and Oatmeal drop scones.

A Little bit of Hollywood comes to Poplars

Free Wi-Fi in The Restaurant at Poplars
We are delighted to announce that our new free Wi-Fi has gone live in the restaurant. We are now connected directly to the local exchange with our own dedicated high speed, high bandwidth line for our customers and visitors to use. You may also use our convenient charging points free of charge. Sockets will accept three pin plugs and USB cables. We operate a fair use policy so please be considerate of other customers. We also ask that devices use a low volume setting or headsets so as not to cause a nuisance.

Free Wi-Fi in The Restaurant at Poplars

Local Students Art Exhibition 2nd to the 9th July
The Learning Zone will once again be hosting an exhibition of local students’ artwork. The theme of this years’ exhibition is “Man-Made.” The art week culminates with a Family Art Activity Day running from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 9th July. The event will be run by Parkfields school art department. The Learning Zone is located towards the right side rear of the lower building. Visitors should enter through the main garden centre entrance and turn left. Descend the stairs or ramp and head for the far corner of the building. We are looking forward to seeing students work and their interpretation of things man-made.

Local Students Art Exhibition 2nd to the 9th July

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