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August 2015 NEWS.

Plant of the Month: Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are popular garden shrubs that have delicate flowers in pink, white or blue. They bring an abundance of colour that boasts an old fashioned charm. Hydrangeas are easy to grow in containers or in most soils. They will tolerate very varied conditions – sun or some shade and most soil types. There are two main types of Hydrangea – Mop-heads and Lace-caps. Hydrangeas are well known for changing flower colour depending on the soil conditions. Some varieties will flower blue in acid soils and pink in chalky soils.

Plant of the Month: Hydrangea

Product of the Month – Seed Potatoes for Christmas
In store now we have a range of seed potatoes that if planted soon and grown in the right conditions will allow you to harvest a crop on new potatoes fresh from the soil come Christmas. Our plant Manager, David, explains how to grow potatoes for a Christmas harvest in our Garden Job of the Month feature. Varieties available include Arran Pilot, Duke of York, Vanessa, Pentland Javelin and Charlotte. Stock of late seed potatoes is limited. We normally sell out by the end of August – so we recommend purchasing soon if you want to grow new potatoes for the Christmas table.

Product of the Month – Seed Potatoes for Christmas

Garden Job of the Month – Growing Potatoes for a Christmas Harvest
Plant as soon as possible after purchase. Choose a large container or potato growing bag. Place approximately 4” of compost in the bottom of the container. Use a fresh multi-purpose compost. Space 3 or 4 tubers on the top and cover with another 4” of compost. Water sparingly keeping the compost moist but do not allow the compost to become waterlogged – the tubers will rot. Allow the foliage to grow 4” above soil level and then add another 4” of compost. Repeat this until the container is nearly full. Potatoes will be ready 12 weeks after planting or once flowering has finished. Harvest as required, the remainder can be left in situ for up to a month. Containers should be moved to a frost free position, such as a greenhouse, for Christmas harvesting.

Garden Job of the Month – Growing Potatoes for a Christmas Harvest

The Car Buying Shop
You can now sell your car quickly and conveniently at Poplars. Located in the yellow cabin in our main car park is "The Car Buying Shop." It really is a very quick and easy way to sell your car. You simply park your car anywhere in the car park, pop in to their yellow office where they will give you a "free" no obligation valuation on your car. The team work really hard to beat any genuine valuation and you can often get more for your car than simply trading it in. If you’re happy with the price offered and want to go ahead with the sale, they’ll simply transfer the funds (at no cost to you) there and then, straight into your bank account. If you need a lift home they’ll do that as well, provided you live locally of course! You can also get a free valuation online at or call them on 01525 303908. Why not get a free, no obligation, valuation for your car next time you shop at Poplars.

The Car Buying Shop

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